Nylon – 6 Console Operator

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  • Saudi Arabia
  • Feb 15, 2019
Full time Operator

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Perform or assist in the start-up or shut down of assigned plant and facilities according to approved operating procedure or Instruction.
  • Monitor operating conditions and make process adjustments either through the control system or by acquiring plant site information from field operator to ensure safe and efficient process operation and report any symptom or abnormality to Shift Supervisor.
  • Review and back-check the results from field inspection and walk-through.
  • Provide appropriate commands to Field Operators to liaise field work with console operation.
  • Maintain log books and operating log sheets recording temperatures, pressures, flow rates, samples taken, volumes received and shipped, and the activities conducted during the shift with correct time stamps. Log should include Field operation as required. 
  • Respond to emergency or upset conditions taking necessary shutdown or process adjustment action to restore stable operating conditions in accordance with instruction of Shift Supervisor.
  • Provide appropriate instruction to Field Operator for taking samples, and also positively involve process test such as chemical and physical test as required with proper coordination with Field Operator.
  • Support or Assist Shift supervisor if required and as per instructed such as the cases of:-
  • Communication with other section or vendor (user/supplier, utility, Inspection, or chemical vendor etc.) Issuing work permit (as per permission level approved by section head)
  • Making brief and efficient report (events, incidents, update, job progress, countermeasures taken etc.) to shift supervisor in timely manner, and making firm handover with mark-up P&ID, drawings and sketches as required. Provide coaching or appropriate technical advice to other console/field operators or sharing good and bad experiences with colleagues, upon request, to realize efficient and effective operations.


Minimum Requirements:

  • High School or Diploma in relevant field
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience as an operator in a Petrochemical Plant & a minimum of 2 years’ worth of console operator’s experience. 
  • Excellent English skills (Verbal and Writing).
  • Ability to operate Distributed Controls System.
  • Advanced maintenance skills
  • Ability to ensure safe and efficient process operations by monitoring operating conditions and make process adjustments
  • Excellent judgment and fast response to situations
  • Record keeping and logging ability of operating conditions.   

Who we're looking for:

  • Nylon – 6  plant experience is required
  • Understanding of plant specific operation mechanism & equipment start/stop console operation.
  • Advanced understanding of instruments
  • Experience in Distributed Control Systems, Startups and emergency shutdown systems.
  • Excellent understanding of plant layout and operating process.
  • High safety awareness level and implementing safety policy and hazard protection.