About us

Who we are:

World Jobs: is one of leading global recruiting company, the expert at recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people worldwide.

We build our strategic Business Partner with esteemed organizations for HR Solutions, which has a pool of quality resources, a partner who invests in quantifiable service delivery processes and methodologies to   provide qualified resources across domains / technologies.


Domains We Service:

Administration Jobs                                   Logistics Jobs

Drilling / Rig Jobs                                      Management Jobs

Engineering Jobs                                        Marine Jobs

Financial Banking Jobs                              Doctors Jobs

Geosciences Jobs                                       Nursing Jobs

HR and Recruitment Jobs                          Oil and Gas Jobs

HSE and Occupational Health Jobs            Other jobs

Inspection Jobs                                          Plant Operator Jobs

IT and communications Jobs                      Sales and Marketing Jobs

Legal Jobs                                                  Technician Jobs

Teaching Jobs

Why World jobs:

Reliability: With a keen eye on quality, we thoroughly understand the Virtue Of Reliability.

Protection of Intellectual Property: We are honor bound to respect the confidentiality desired by our partners.


Our Strength:

Vast Industry Knowledge:

Over the years we have maintained a commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge.

Our Team:

Speed, quality and commitment to achieve efficient results for both our clients and candidates.

Extensive Database:

Regularly updated resumes and the contact details of the candidates.